CoreExchange License

License Models and Conditions

Please find below a description of license conditions and usage rights.

Perpetual ownership license conditions

Usage rights

  1. Client gets a copy of the exchange source code
  2. License is transferable and sublicensable within client’s company and at-least-50%-owned subsidiaries
  3. The exchange is hosted and operated by the client (on premise)
  4. Unlimited non-production installations
  5. Unlimited production installations
  6. Unlimited wallets
  7. Unlimited currencies
  8. Unlimited transactions
  9. The license is non-exclusive
  10. No right to publish CoreExchange (or any derivative) under an open source license

License payment conditions

One-time price 250.000 EUR

(Prices on this page are subject to change at any time without notice)

  1. First license payment in the amount of 125.000 EUR is due before handing over the source code
  2. Second license payment in the amount of 125.000 EUR can be paid according with an individual payment plan, last payment is due latest at first production installation
  3. A 3 day introduction workshop on-site or remote is included; in case of on-site, travel expenses need to be paid separately
  4. Maintenance 25.000 EUR / year (on demand  / if wanted)
  5. Maintenance payment is due at the beginning of each year with production installation
  6. All prices are ex. VAT

License product scope

The licensed CoreExchange components  (see detailed description below) include:

  • Backend as Docker image
  • White Label AdminUI as Docker image
  • White Label ConsumerUI as Docker image
  • Documentation
    • CoreExchange Swagger API documentation
    • CoreExchange backend JavaDoc
    • CoreExchange trading module documentation
    • CoreExchange deployment guide

Maintenance scope

Maintenance means providing patches/fixes based on our code-base (client is responsible to merge these changes into their own code-base).