Key Benefits

Why CoreExchange Is the Best Solution
for Your Business

Licensing CoreExchange means choosing a battle-proven platform, built by experts in the cryptocurrency, payments and banking industry, who also implemented and ran the Yacuna platform. CoreExchange offers a white label consumer and admin UI covered by a highly configurable and adaptable backend, enabling trading on a consumer and professional level. The platform supports a set of FIAT- and cryptocurrencies by default. It also allows you to add ERC20 tokens of your choice. The team and the platform have the necessary maturity to provide you with all important processes and features to run a regulated and licensed crypto exchange that supports FIAT currencies and FIAT-crypto trade pairs.

Highly Customizable

  • White label exchange
  • Create your own consumer UI and admin UI that fits your needs
  • Configure supported currency pairs, KYC levels, limits, fees, etc.
  • ETH ERC20 standard support, just configure the supported tokens
  • Consumer or professional level (HFT)

Advanced API Support

  • Stateless RESTful API for all kind of services
  • Generated swagger API test client
  • Public API for charts, HFT, bots, analysis and reporting tools

Full Back Office

  • Admin UI with customer and platform management tools
  • Admin API for increased customization
  • Pre-integrated KYC/AML processes
  • Audit log for important historical data
  • Transaction administration (payments, trades)
  • Built with regulatory compliance in mind

Full Payment Support and Integration

  • Dedicated payment module for easy PSP integration
  • You choose which PSPs you want to integrate
  • Bank transfers based on MT940/MT942 and SEPA file import are supported by default

Advanced Trading Engine

  • High throughput
  • Scalability through dedicated nodes per currency pair (market)
  • Order matching

High Security Standard

  • Multi-signature and Cold Storage
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Configurable outgoing payment approval
  • 24/7/365 trading

Highly Experienced and Battle-proven Team

  • Experienced in operating a live crypto exchange (Yacuna)
  • High quality and development standards
  • Payment software professionals
  • Blockchain experts